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CHCC contributed friendship between the 2 countries

Updated:2020-09-29 13:09:18

Ai Shengfu, President of Cambodian Hunan Chamber of Commerce , said that the chamber would serve the social and economic development of Hunan, China and Cambodia, organize members to participate in relevant economic and social activities of the two countries, and make positive contributions to the promotion of China-Cambodia friendship.

The chamber celebrated Mid-Autumn day, aswell as held thefirst awarding ceremony with all of the members. Ai said in his speech that in recent years, more and more Hunan overseas Chinese businessmen started their business in Cambodia. With courage, they have made great efforts, and devote themselves to their work, and have made positive efforts for the economic and cultural development of Cambodia and the promotion of the traditional friendship between The Chinese and Cambodian people.

Ai said that The Chamber was a bridge and platform for Hunan to communicate in humanities and business. It would not only facilitate the direct exchanges between members, but also facilitate the communication between Hunan and Cambodia, so as to realize the complementary advantages and unity and cooperation.

It was reported that after the establishment of the chamber, it has strengthened the contact with the local government and coordinated the relations with other local overseas Chinese associations, making efforts for the local economic and social development of Cambodia and promoting the friendly exchanges between the Chinese and Cambodian people.

Ye Wei, executive chairman of the Chamber, chose to stay in Phnom Penh when the epidemic situation was relatively severe. He regarded Cambodia as his "second hometown" after more than 20 years of business here. "The Chamber called on its members to 'help and make no trouble'." Ye Wei, the general manager of an advertising and decoration design company, has done a lot of work to cooperate with the local government in the prevention and publicity of the epidemic. He said that at the critical moment, overseas Chinese businessmen in Cambodia made their contributions to the best of their ability.

Liu Zhuo, executive vice President of the Chamber and chairman of Cambodia-China International Cold Chain Supply Co., LTD., deployed hundreds of tons of food, including noodles, condiments, biscuits and frozen food, to Cambodia during the critical period of the epidemic to ensure the local market demand.

Lin Biao, vice President of the Chamber and general manager of Cambodia Red Flag Trading Company, said that after China's resumption of work and production, he is urgently deploying daily necessities to Cambodia. He said in the face of the epidemic, the company can do everything possible to ensure supplies.

As the epidemic stabilized in Cambodia, chamber members also hold related events to encourage the recovery of local tourism. Xun Juan, vice president of the Chamber and deputy secretary-general, Mekong River International Limited founder and executive director, held a special food festival not long ago, attracting a large number of visitors to attend. "The epidemic has brought a heavy blow to Cambodia's economy, and the business of overseas Chinese in Cambodia has been greatly affected. The food Festival provides a platform for people to exchange needed goods and seek business opportunities here," Said Xun Juan.

It was reported that the Chamber will continue to unite local Chinese, serve local public welfare, tell stories of the fight against the epidemic and hunan, and strive to make greater contributions to promoting friendly exchanges between Hunan and Cambodia.