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Xiang Changjiang: Knocking on the door from poverty to wealth

Updated:2020-10-14 12:41:51


The Xiangjia village in Yankou town Longhui County was once identified as a poverty-stricken village. It was the place where Xiang Changjiang, Chairman of Hunan Huaxing Industrial Development Co., LTD, was born. When he saw that his family members had been trapped in the mountains for generations and could not get rid of poverty for generations, he felt anxious in his eyes. He decided to return to the village and started the 6 years of precise support, which successfully helped the village transform from the remote and poor gully into the beautiful new village today. By May 2020, Huaxing company has invested 110 million yuan in xiangjia Village.

As early as the late 1990s, Xiang Was already a well-known entrepreneur in Longhui County, Hunan. Relying on his intelligence and wisdom and the spirit of "eat bitter, bully", he started from the transport work to establish a driving school, gradually became rich, and became the chairman of Hunan Huaxing Industrial Company.

He started from donating money and materials, and helped the poor villagers to lift themselves out of poverty. In April 2014, Xiang made the promise of "removed from the registered permanent residence in the village", and "three years of hard work, to ensure that out of poverty".

Xiang well awared that poverty alleviation could not be achieved by blood transfusion alone, but by hematopoiesis. Combining with the characteristics of the village, which got more hills and less fields and beautiful ecology, he proposed the idea of "green industry corridor" and vigorously developed industries such as oil tea, fruit wood and breeding.

Therefore, Xiang led the young people in the village to march to the wild mountains and mountains, and transferred more than 10 excavators from the company to reclaim 305 mu of terraced soil from the village level forest farm which had been deserted for many years, and planted all of them with oil and tea forest. Under his promotion, the entire village camellia plantation area reached 1300 mu. It is estimated that after the production of oil tea in 2018, the annual per capita net income of the entire village will increase by 1,200 yuan, and the collective economy of the village will increase by more than 100,000 yuan.

At the same time, according to the soil characteristics of Xiangjia Village, more than 100,000 high-quality fruit tree seedlings, such as chestnut, peach plum, cherry and blueberry, were centralized purchased from The Yangtze River and distributed to every household to encourage villagers to plant fruit trees. We will adopt the model of "enterprises + peasant households + specialized cooperatives", with the focus on supporting a number of specialized farmers, and vigorously develop planting and breeding industries.

After nearly three years of efforts, Xiang Changjiang finally achieved his commitment. XiangJia Village was lifted out from the poverty villages list at the end of 2016, the villagers' annual per capita income increased from less than 2000 yuan in 2014 to 11800 yuan, the collective economy income reached 600000 yuan, and was rated as "poverty engines demonstration village" in hunan province, the province "beautiful rural construction demonstration village", "tourism poverty alleviation model village" and "concentric beautiful country".

Today, under the guidance of the Yangtze River, Xiangjia Village continues to strive for a higher goal of building a beautiful countryside.