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Hunan OCCEB (Yongzhou city) promoted in shuangpai

Updated:2020-10-16 12:38:30


Promotion on site.


Li Zuyuan awarded the first batch of "Hunan Overseas Chinese Cultural Exchange Base" in Yongzhou.

On October 15, the promotion activity of "Hunan Overseas Chinese Cultural Exchange Base" (Yongzhou) was held in Shuangpai County, promoting 6 "Hunan OCCE bases" in Yongzhou. Li Zuyuan, vice chairman and party member of Hunan Federation of Overseas Chinese, Ouyang Yuanchu, member of Standing Committee of Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee and minister of United Front Work Department of Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee attended and made speech.

Overseas Chinese cultural exchange base(OCCEB) in Hunan is to carry forward Chinese excellent culture, hunan culture, promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, hunan important window of foreign exchange, is the provincial federation of system integration of social resources, promote the complementary advantages, resultant force to carry out the important platform for cultural exchange activities at home and abroad, is the provincial federation of organizations at all levels actively expand to deepen the important carrier of "love China" theme activities.

n August 2020, the provincial federation released lists of two batches of OCCEBs, six of which were in Yongzhou, including Emperor Shun mausoleum in Ningyuan County, Yueyan - The hometown of Zhou Dunyi in Dao county, the script book ecological museum, Chen Shuxiang martyrs memorial hall in Dao county, Yangming mountain national forest park in Shuangpai, women's script in Jiangyong county.

Li Zuyuan said that it was not easy for the six units in Yongzhou to stand out among the many applicants and become the provincial cultural exchange base for overseas Chinese. Listing was only the beginning. Playing a role was the key. It ought to cherish the honor in bases' construction. Yongzhou should build a platform for overseas Chinese youth to find their roots organized by FOC, and a platform for overseas Chinese to attract investment, talents and wisdom, and make friends. Yongzhou and its counties should put the enthusiasm of into the base construction, strengthen the guidance and supervision of construction management, and perfect the function of cultural exchange base, promote fellowship, overseas merchants to attract, to serve Yongzhou economic and social development.

Ouyang Yuanchu pointed out that selected OCCEBs in Yongzhou should give full play to the bridge role of enhancing consensus, pooling overseas Chinese intelligence and overseas Chinese strength to the greatest extent, bring innovative ideas, advanced technology, rich experience to Yongzhou, in order to promote the development of yongzhou high quality cohesion more and more high-quality overseas resources; To further identify the positioning, highlight the characteristics, family affection, township sentiment, friendship as the media, further excavate cultural connotation, strengthen the carrier construction, improve the operation mechanism, through a variety of forms, various levels of cultural exchange activities, to attract more overseas Chinese into Yongzhou.

At the meeting, Li Zuyuan, member of the Party group and vice chairman of Hunan Federation of Overseas Chinese, also awarded the first batch of "Hunan Overseas Chinese Cultural Exchange Base" in Yongzhou city.