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Cambodian Hunan GCC donated to Takeo

Updated:2020-10-29 11:27:36


In recent days, heavy rains across Cambodia have flooded roads, disrupted traffic and affected the lives of countless families. Under the leadership of President Wu Guanghua, the Hunan General Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia mobilized members of the General Chamber of Commerce, and donated relative materials to Takeo province of Cambodia.

Wupiya, governor of Takeo province, warmly received the relief delegation of The Hunan General Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia. He highly praised the Cambodian Hunan General Chamber of Commerce for their important contribution to the flood relief work, thanked them for their generosity in the coming disaster, and promised to distribute all materials to the affected communities as soon as possible. "In the future, we should strengthen bilateral cooperation and be permanent friends. In the future, Chinese friends, no matter what difficulties they encounter in Takeo, can always turn to us for help."