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Foreign Legal Service Center of Hunan FOC Legal Advisory Committee unveiled

Updated:2020-11-17 15:07:11


On Nov. 15, the ceremony of "Foreign Legal Service Center" of Hunan FOC legal Advisory Committee was held. Sun Minsheng, member of the CPC Leading Group and vice chairman of Hunan FOC, attended and delivered congratulations. Li Lijun, director of the Law Advisory Committee of Hunan FOC, presided over the opening ceremony.

Sun Minsheng pointed out that the establishment of the "Foreign-related legal service Center" was the practice of promoting the construction of Hunan under the rule of law in the overseas Chinese community. It was hoped that thecentrewould play an active role in foreign-related legal consultation, foreign-related risk warning, foreign-related commercial dispute mediation, foreign-related case agency litigation and other aspects, and provide high-quality legal services for the opening up of Hunan. At the same time, through the establishment of "foreign-related legal service center" to promote the training of foreign-related legal talents, Hunan opening to the outside world to build a legal platform.

Zhu Guoxiang, deputy director of the Legal Advisory Committee of Hunan FOC, introduced the background of the establishment of the "Foreign-related legal service Center", and explained in detail the main responsibilities and specific service content of the "foreign-related legal service Center". He said that the establishment of the foreign-related legal service center aimed to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of overseas Chinese, give full play to the functions of the legal advisory Committee to safeguard the interests of overseas Chinese and serve the overseas Chinese community, and was of great significance to further strengthen and improve the work of FOC under the new situation.

Pan Chuanping, chairman of the management Committee of The Mainland joint Venture of Hong Kong Qibang Law Firm and director of the Foreign Legal Service Center, introduced the project of the Hong Kong-Macao joint Venture law firm. He said that the "foreign legal service Center" would serve overseas Chinese and their associations based on the resources of Yingqi Law Firm.

The establishment of the "Foreign-related legal service Center" in Yingqi Law Firm marked a new step for Hunan to strengthen the mechanism of safeguarding the interests of overseas Chinese, and also creates a new situation for Hunan to strengthen the construction of foreign-related legal services for overseas Chinese.

After the opening ceremony, the legal Advisory Committee also held the director's office meeting to discuss issues related to the annual work of the Legal Advisory Committee and the opening ceremony of ADR Mediation Center in 2020.

Liu Xianhua and Chen Gang, deputy directors of the Legal Advisory Committee of Hunan FOC, and relevant officials of Yinghe Lawyer organization attended the opening ceremony.