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Zhangjiajie Launches Winter Tourism Activities

Source:Hunan Gov
Updated:2021-01-04 09:42:39

     On the afternoon of December 4, Zhangjiajie City held a press conference for the 2020 Winter Tourism Marketing Activities. It announced ten themed activities, two preferential policies, and six safeguard measures, to attract tourists from all over the world to enjoy snow scenery and hot springs, and experience folk customs and Tujia New Year celebrations. The serial activities will last from December 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021.



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The activities include:

--Zhangjiajie Winter Tourism Sports Carnival (hiking, skiing, and winter swimming);

--Zhangjiajie Winter Tourism Marketing Promotions (in groups);

--Hot Springs Tourism Festival;

--China Health Running Race;

--the 4th Zhangjiajie International Tourism Poetry Festival (December 9-11, 2020);

--Tujia New Year Celebrations (January 20-February 11, 2021);

--Zhangjiajie Lantern Festival (February 20-26, 2021); and,

--Zhangjiajie Tourism Consumption Season (e-coupons to be handed out).

All scenic areas across Zhangjiajie will offer lower ticket prices during the promotional event. Group tourists arriving in Zhangjiajie by air or direct special trains enjoy the policy of “buying one ticket and getting another for free” when taking sightseeing bus in the scenic areas. 

Zhangjiajie will conduct strict prevention and control measures during the event. All travel-related companies will not spend their holidays this winter. All starred hotels and B&Bs will provide 24-hour air-conditioning and hot water services. Stores will implement the rule of “return without providing any reasons within 30 days” when tourists go shopping. Civilized and standardized services will be offered to tourists. These measures were made to ensure safe and happy trips for visitors. 

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