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"Starting from the Eighteen Caves",--Chinese Intellectual Power

Updated:2021-01-04 16:44:37

"Where the hunan trains are built, where the miao embroidery of Shibadong (eighteen caves)village is sold; Over the past 40 years, China has contributed over 70 percent of the world's poverty alleviation work, lifting 850 million people out of poverty. China was the first developing country in the world to achieve the poverty reduction target set in the UN Millennium Development Goals..." On the evening of December 29, the fourth episode of the TV special "Starting from the Eighteen Caves", "The Career of The World", showed a series of detailed data and moving pictures, all of which made the overseas students feel proud and proud, inspiring their enthusiasm and fighting spirit to serve the motherland and repay their hometown.

"After watching 'Starting from the Eighteen Caves' and' The Noble Cause of The World, 'I deeply feel that the brilliant Chinese wisdom and the magnificent Chinese power are making great contributions to the realization of the common happiness of mankind." Li Wen, executive vice chairman of the Youth Committee of Hunan FOC, sighed with emotion that China's wisdom reflected not only in aerospace, artificial intelligence and other high-tech, but also in poverty alleviation. Classified guidance and targeted poverty alleviation represent profound Chinese wisdom. This is an important reason why China has been able to eradicate absolute poverty rapidly and completely. The eradication of absolute poverty is the unchangeable pursuit of all mankind for thousands of years. Today, it has finally been realized on the vast land of China. This is a victory for both China and mankind. Valuable experience of "seeking truth from facts, adapting measures to local conditions, giving guidance according to different categories, and taking targeted measures to alleviate poverty".

As a returned overseas Chinese, Li Wen also hopes to bring knowledge, technology, ideas and vision back to the motherland where there is still a need for development. He hopes that his research and investment in anti-aging biomedcines can contribute his wisdom and strength to the common happiness of mankind just like targeted poverty alleviation.

Zhang Linyan, a returned student, said that what she admires most is Shi Shunlian's deep understanding of traditional intangible cultural heritage and her advanced sense of development. Shi though has not been abroad yet, has a profound sense of national pride and consciousness, lead MiaoXiu innovation and development. Their nationalities of miao embroidery craft with a high speed rail, follow the speed of China's development, and flow to the outside world.

Zhang Linyan told reporters that as a student who has lived and studied abroad, it is easier to be asked: "Where do you come from? What's your cultural background?" Shishunlian's story in Shixiandong village answers this question with practical actions. Our cultural background is the intangible cultural heritage of our beloved motherland, hometown and history. Because in the heart of our mother, everyone's choice is to go back to their hometown, with a lifetime to devote themselves to the hometown needs everyone to build and contribute to the cause. With your international knowledge and background, we will give full play to our role as a bridge of friendship and bring more Chinese cultural brands and beautiful stories abroad.

After watching the documentary, Zhang Linyan became more determined in her choice of going to the countryside. Returned to her hometown in Zhangjiajie in 2014, with her husband. In Wangjiaping tujia ancient village, in Yuanguping town, for 7 years, the couple record carpet craft skills and endangered Tujia buildings, introduced foreign teachers to more than ten poverty mountainous area schools for the public English education, helped protect significance of tujia national intangible culture and art, joint tujia villagers autonomous financing create intangible joint innovation entrepreneurship base for poverty alleviation, let the left-behind children's mothers home.

Zhang Linyan couple has already made use of international resources of more than 200 tourists from different countries into the mountains, feel the beauty of the Chinese countryside, and in countries such as Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia has held Tujia building project painting art exhibition, "in the future, we will be more original, more intangible in hunan and even China's great beauty village culture in the form of international art exhibition held out of hunan, out of China to the world. We also want the world to see more of the beauty of traditional Chinese culture." "Zhang said.

"Starting from Shibudong Village, targeted poverty alleviation has been promoted to the whole country, bringing earth-shaking changes to the whole country and removing the label of 'poverty' from China." After watching the documentary film, Chen Senlin, executive director of Hunan Overseas Chinese Youth Association, has a deeper understanding of the national targeted poverty alleviation policy.

As the executive chairman of Hunan Overseas Chinese Youth Association, Chen said that he would do a good job in providing services for overseas Chinese returnees, continue to build the most influential "Overseas Chinese Return Forum" in China, and make it easier for returned Overseas Chinese students to come back to China for innovation, entrepreneurship and employment through the forum. Meanwhile, through the activity brand of "May 4th Outstanding Young Figures of Overseas Chinese", more Overseas Chinese students are discovered and encouraged to devote themselves to rural construction and targeted poverty alleviation.

Chen believed that young people spread the story of China to all parts of the world, so that the Chinese model can provide the world with a good solution for targeted poverty alleviation. At the same time, under the guidance of the "three high and four new" development strategy of the provincial party committee and government, we strive to do our own work well, actively participate in and respond to the instructions of the central party committee and the provincial party committee, and actively participate in the "One Belt And One Road" construction.