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Huang Fang fieldresearched in overseas Chinese enterprises

Updated:2021-01-12 10:28:30

On January 7th, Huang Fang, Party group secretary of Hunan FOC, led a delegation of the Economic Department, Hunan FOC, to Hunan Xiaheng Technology Co., Ltd. and Hunan Huateng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for fieldresearch and symposium.

In Hunan Xiaheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Huang Fang and the delegation inspected the testing laboratory and got the introduction of the enterprise from Lin Rui, the company's leader, a returnee. Huang Fang pointed out that enterprises must strengthen their confidence, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, especially traditional enterprises, adhere to industrial transformation and upgrading, through industry-university-research cooperation, independent innovation, brand building and other ways, to speed up the pace of technological transformation and upgrading, promote the industrial chain, value chain to high value-added extension.

In Hunan Huateng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huateng Pharmaceutical"), Deng Zeping, chairman of Hunan Huateng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., member of the Expert Committee of Hunan FOC, returned overseas Chinese, introduced the research and development achievements of long-acting and long-release new drugs and the self-developed products such as anti-tumor, cardio-cerebrovascular and anti-influenza drugs.

Huang Fang inquired about Huateng Pharmaceutical's research and development investment, talent introduction, market expansion and other aspects. She pointed out, the bigger the platform, the more talent introduction. Hunan FOC would further enhance platform of science and technology, research and development platform, build communication interactive platform, through which the enterprises could gain power in building effective value chain, innovation chain, chain, industry chain, andmaking scientific and technological innovation. The provincial FOC would continue to provide services for overseas Chinese enterprises, including talent introduction, innovation and entrepreneurship achievements exhibition, innovation and entrepreneurship base construction for overseas Chinese, and expert team activities of the expert committee.