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World Wetlands Day Marked in Changsha

Source:Hunan gov
Updated:2021-02-03 15:54:23

February 2, 2021 marked the 25thWorld Wetlands Day. This year’s theme is “Wetlands and Water”. A number of wetland parks in Changsha have organized World Wetlands Day publicity activities, aiming to popularize wetlands protection laws and regulations, and the importance of maintaining wetlands’ ecological value and biodiversity.

According to the Changsha Forestry Bureau, Changsha has five national wetland parks, namely Qianlong Lake National Wetland Park, Jinzhou Lake National Wetland Park, Sonya Lake National Wetland Park, Yanghu National Wetland Park, and Liuyang River National Wetland Park. Changsha’s total wetland area is 43,374 hectares, and the wetland protection area is 33,250 hectares, with a wetland protection rate of 76.66%. Changsha plans to carry out projects including afforestation, closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation, returning farmland to forests, wetlands and grasslands, and, wetland restoration. The city’s wetland protection rate will be increased to 85% by 2030.

Yanghu National Wetland Park

Staff members with the Jinzhou Lake National Wetland Park participate in a World Wetlands Day publicity activity.

A wetlands publicity exhibition opens at the science education hall of the Yanghu National Wetland Park on February 2. (Photo provided by the Yanghu National Wetland Park)

People visit a wetlands publicity exhibition at the Yanghu National Wetland Park.