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Longping Rice Museum was awarded ICEB by Hunan FOC

Updated:2021-02-07 11:10:46

On February 5th, Huang Fang, Party group Secretary of Hunan FOC, awarded Longping Rice Museum the "International Cultural Exchange Base for Overseas Chinese in China" and "Hunan Cultural Exchange Base for Overseas Chinese".

In Longping Rice Museum, Huang Fang and the delegation visited the "Rice History Exhibition Hall" and understood the principle and growth process of hybrid rice through advanced information means.

During the symposium, Zhang Ying, director of Longping Rice Museum, briefly introduced the basic situation of the museum, its collection features and the next stage of development planning.The participants put forward suggestions on how to spread the farming culture around "One Belt And One Road" and attract more overseas Chinese to visit and study, and exchanged views on the future development direction of the museum.

Huang Fang congratulated on the official opening of Longping Rice Museum and put forward relevant suggestions for the next stage of development.Huang Fang advised that museums could appropriately add experience halls or practical projects to enhance visitors' sense of interest and participation.At the same time, FOCs at all levels should extensively absorb the rice cultivation culture of other regions, enrich the existing science popularization education work, and build the museum into the name card of Changsha and Hunan.In addition, English annotations could be added appropriately to make Longping Museum internationalization, attract more overseas Chinese second and third generations to understand rice culture, and help Yuan Longping realize the dream of "global coverage of hybrid rice".

Sun Zhonghua, Party secretary of Longping Rice Museum, said that the leaders of the provincial and municipal FOCs have pointed out the direction in terms of cultural export, self-positioning, development of cultural and creative products, broadening the museum's educational space and building its brand.The museum would take this award as an opportunity to build quality, enhance atmosphere and build brand, so as to build the museum into an important window to show the history and culture of rice and a shining name card to highlight the excellent rice-farming civilization of the nation.

The heads from Changsha FOC, Furong District United Front Work Department, and the District FOC participated in the awarding.