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20 million fish released during Yongzhou Fish and Human Festivals

Updated:2021-04-06 10:54:35


Launching ceremony of the Festival.


The 7th Yongzhou Fish and Human Festival was held.

On April 1st, "Overseas Chinese and Green Hunan, Beautiful China" and the 7th "Yongzhou Fish and Human Festival" were held, calling on the overseas Chinese communities in Hunan to actively participate in the protection of the rivers of Hunan, to carry out General Secretary Xi Jinping's spirit to "protect the clean water of a river" in Hunan. Zhao Hongying, deputy secretary general of Chinese Federation of Overseas Chinese, minister of economy and science and technology, and Li Zuyuan, vice chairman and member of Hunan Federation of Overseas Chinese attended the ceremony.

The event was supported by the Ministry of Economic Science and Technology of the Chinese Federation of Overseas Chinese, sponsored by Hunan Federation of Overseas Chinese and the People's Government of Yongzhou, and initiated by Zhongnan Stomatological Hospital of Yongzhou. It has been successfully held for six times so far. It was concerned as a public cultural affair to improve people's awareness of environmental protection, advocate the active participation of the public and jointly create a beautiful homeland.

At present, Yongzhou Fish and Human Festival has been deeply rooted in localresidents, and has become a major innovative measure and a beautiful name card for ecological and environmental protection in Yongzhou.

According to Zhu Hongwu, deputy secretary of the CPC Yongzhou Municipal Committee and mayor, since 2015, more than 21 million fish have been released into the Xiangjiang River for purifying water, making a positive contribution to improving the ecology of the Xiangjiang River, especially the fishery ecological environment.

The reporter learned from Hunan FOC that "the beautiful China, green hunan, over"Overseas Chinese and Green Hunan, Beautiful China" series of activities would last from April to June in Hunan. Overseas communities at all levels would participate in telling good stories of "Hunan ecological civilization".

The event also carried out the publicity activities of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of the Yangtze River, and the achievements of ecological and environmental governance, the implementation of the River Chief System, the comprehensive ban on fishing, and the achievements of the previous "Yongzhou Fish and Human Festival" retrospective exhibition, calling on the masses to actively participate in the river protection of practitioners, defenders, promoters.