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2021 Hunan online summer (spring) camp opened

Updated:2021-04-19 10:58:27

On April 16, the 2021 "My Family & China · Stories for You" online summer (spring) camp in Hunan officially opened. The camp was an online public welfare activity for overseas Chinese teenagers aged 6 to 13 and 14 to 18 during the normal epidemic prevention and control period.

As held in 2020, the 2021 camp was to run online through WeChat. Materials, including the origin of surnames, idioms parable, famous celebrities, human geography, scenic spots, historical roots, safety knowledge, as well as contemporary Chinese story, era elite story content, and each story, were provided by the "KaiShu storytelling" in order to increase the campers interaction, demonstrate campers' learning effects, and encourage campers to give feedback and output in Chinese.

Li Zuyuan, vice chairman and member of the party group of Hunan Federation of overseas Chinese, said that through storytelling, overseas Chinese teenagers could experience the fun of learning Chinese, feel the broad and profound Chinese culture, and appreciate the "charm of China". It is hoped that the young generation will take an active part, give full play to their potential, display their talents, reap growth and happiness, and deepen their affection for their ancestral country.

In addition, Hunan FOC planned to regularly push videos related to the International Cultural Exchange Base of Overseas Chinese and Hunan Cultural Exchange Base of Overseas Chinese to overseas Chinese teenagers, so that they could feel, understand and inherit Hunan culture, and tell stories of China and Hunan to overseas Chinese.

The reporter learned from Hunan FOC that the "My Family & China · Stories for you" online summer (spring) camp in Hunan will be closed until the end of July in 2021. There is no limit to the number of camps each camper can participate in and repeat the camp. After the end of the summer camp, outstanding campers with outstanding performance will be awarded the certificate of outstanding campers. The Chinese Federation of Overseas Chinese will also recommend them to participate in the 2022 summer camp according to the situation.