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Xiang Hui: on the new journey of rural revitalization

Updated:2021-04-30 17:11:08

Xiang Hui, Executive General Manager of Hunan Huaxing Industrial Development Co., Ltd., won the honorary title of 2021 "May 4th Hunan Outstanding Youth of Overseas Chinese community".

"I feel honored, cherish it more, and work harder..." Got the certificate of honor Xiang Hui was delighted. He told reporters that bathed in the sunshine and rain of the Party, under the cultivation and guidance of Hunan Federation of Overseas Chinese, he grew up and made progress continuously. He cherished his youth more, founded industries, dedicated to the society and served the people.

Since 2014, Xianghui has actively responded to the call of "10,000 enterprises help 10,000 villages" and "thousands of overseas Chinese help thousands of households", and actively led its own company to help Xiangjia Village in Yankou Town, Longhui County. It has invested 150 million yuan free of charge successively. Through 7 years of hard work, Xiangjia Village has become the first overall poverty-free village in Longhui County. The per capita annual income of the villagers has increased from less than 2,000 yuan in 2014 to 14,800 yuan, and the annual income of the collective economy has reached 600,000 yuan. The village has been awarded the honorary titles of "Poverty Alleviation Demonstration Village", "Beautiful Village Demonstration Village", "Tourism Poverty Alleviation Demonstration Village" and "National Civilized Village".

At the beginning of 2020, after the outbreak of COVID-19, Xiang Hui led Huaxing Company to strictly implement the spirit of instructions from superiors. In addition to the prevention and control of the epidemic within the enterprise, Xiang Hui took the initiative to undertake social responsibilities and purchased a large number of medical supplies such as masks, protective clothing, goggles and temperature monitors. At the same time, the company organized the activity of "blood donation for fighting against the epidemic". A total of 800 people in the company participated in the activity, and 374 people successfully donated blood with a volume of 123,200 milliliters, which contributed Huaxing strength to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

"Endeavour '14 five', set sail on a new journey; The times urge us to forge ahead and our mission calls for us to fulfill our responsibilities." Xiang Hui said that he would carry forward the spirit of the "three cows" and lead the villagers in Xiang Jia village to continue to move forward towards a better life in the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy.