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Hunan OCC poverty alleviation recognition held

Updated:2021-05-26 16:04:19


Hunan OCC poverty alleviation recognition held.


Huang Fang (third from the right), secretary of the party group of Hunan FOC, presented books to the awarded individual and collective representatives.


Shu Bin, member of the Party Committee of Hunan Publishing Group, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Hunan Rednet New Media Group, presented books to the federations of overseas Chinese in various cities and prefectures.

A recognition ceremony on the achievements of overseas Chinese community in poverty alleviation in Hunan was held at Rednet, on May 24, 2021. Huang Fang, secretary of the Party Group of Hunan FOC, presided over the report. Xiong Xiaolan, deputy leader of the Seventh Circuit Guidance Group of Party History Education of the Provincial Party Committee, Zhou Guangjun, member of the Party Committee of Hunan Publishing Group, and Shu Bin, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Hunan Rednet New Media Group attended the meeting.

Hunan FOC seriously implement the central and provincial party committee's policy decisions, focusing on the poor areas and the nation difficult groups, integrating the resource of nation, giving full play to the advantages of nation, mobilize the masses of people in the nation and overseas organizations at all levels, cadres from overseas and thorough going efforts to promote "thousands of overseas Chinese help object", "overseas Chinese" love "nation housing" and other projects, help the province out of poverty, Hunan has become an indispensable and important force in the battle of poverty alleviation.

From 2016 to August 2020, 172 industrial skills assistance projects and 323 infrastructure assistance projects were carried out by overseas Chinese communities in Hunan, benefiting 25,300 people for basic education assistance, 99,784 people for health care assistance, and 56,121 people for relief assistance. The total amount of funds raised by overseas Chinese communities exceeded 1.6 billion yuan.

The meeting read out "Hunan advanced individual in poverty alleviation", "Hunan advanced collective poverty alleviation", "the system of the All-China Federation of Overseas Chinese assisted poverty alleviation system of the advanced individual", "the system of the All-China Federation of Overseas Chinese assisted poverty alleviation system of the advanced collective" award list; Advanced deeds report of the winning representative works.

In recent years, Hunan FOC has widely convergenced overseas Chinese community to match the love of power, member enterprises to carry out the "thousands of overseas Chinese help object" poverty alleviation, education aid, industry, divided into various types of small and medium-sized support more than 50 projects, a total of a member enterprise power of poverty help fund 185 million yuan, won the "national federation of system power poverty crucial advanced collective" honorary title.

Liu Zhigang, the deputy director of the Publicity and Liaison Office of Hunan FOC, the second-level researcher, the first secretary of the village and the work leader, who won the honorary titles of "Advanced Individual in Poverty Alleviation" and "Advanced Individual in Poverty Alleviation of the All-China Federation of Overseas Chinese", led the team members to exchange the "hard index" for the "happiness index" of the people when he was stationed in the village. To promote Chitan Village, Jinzixian Town, Anren County, Chenzhou City, 160 households and 633 registered poverty-stricken people out of poverty, and realize the transformation from "poor village in remote mountainous area" to "rich star village".

In her speech, Huang Fang fully affirmed the wisdom and strength of FOCs at all levels and overseas Chinese communities in the province for helping fight poverty. She hopes, with perseverance stick to beginner's mind, people in hunan federation to responsibility to cash, excitation force of yong yi, the accumulation of relentlessly resourceful, solidarity and led the entire province the returned overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese nationals, for hunan vigorously implement the strategy of "four new" three highs, struggling to compose a new era of upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in hunan new contributions to the nation power.

Huang Fang required that the provincial Federation of Overseas Chinese should continue to lead overseas Chinese businessmen and enterprises to seek development opportunities in the rural revitalization and continue to contribute to the rural revitalization by combining the learning and education of the Party's history. At the same time, we will pay close attention to the work of rural revitalization in various regions, timely find opportunities for overseas Chinese to help rural revitalization, timely find out the typical and role models of overseas Chinese to help rural revitalization, timely publicize and report well, so that the positive energy of overseas Chinese will continue to pass on, and present a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements.

Shu Bin said, as party web, Rednet serviced in the nationwide to promote Hunan's economic and social development stage. It will take advantage of new media resources, stories about good nation, spread the positive energy, vigorously promote nation advanced character and deeds, typical guide the broad masses of overseas Chinese and returned overseas Chinese to further carry forward the fine tradition, to build happiness new beautiful and richly endowed hunan to make new greater contributions.

A book titled "Hunan's Affair and Poverty Allegiation: The Imprint of Poverty Allegiation by Overseas Chinese community in Hunan" was released on the ceremony. The book has nearly 120,000 words and is divided into four chapters: "Poverty Allegiation Measures", "Poverty Allegiation Answer Sheet", "Poverty Allegiation Example" and "Poverty Allegiation Footprint". The book comprehensively shows the achievements and excellent deeds achieved by overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese enterprises and overseas Chinese associations in the province in poverty alleviation. At the meeting, the provincial Federation of Overseas Chinese presented books to various cities and states.

Li Zuyuan,party group member, vice chairman of Hunan FOC, Qiu Dinggao, secondary inspector of Hunan overseas Chinese office, Zhuang Qining, Liu Hui, part-time vice chairman of Hunan FOC and other municipal overseas Chinese federation mainly responsible comrade, provincial government overseas Chinese office related comrade, provincial grass-roots overseas Chinese federation representative, provincial overseas Chinese federation organs all cadres attended the meeting.