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Shantytown Renovation Accelerated to Improve Housing Condition

Source:Hunan gov
Updated:2021-06-22 17:18:59

The photo, taken on June 21, shows a shantytown renovation projectin Chengbu Miao Autonomous County. It is a key livelihood project to solvehousing problems in 5 state-owned forest farms, 5 state-owned logging and cultivationfarms, one nursery, and one forest science institute. The project covers 169.5mu (over 11 ha.), with a total investment of 380 million CNY. Its first andsecond phases of 1,224 housing units have been completed and put into use bythe end of 2020. The main structure of the third phase of 593 units have beencompleted currently. (Photo/Yan Qinlong, Dai Longzhu)

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