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Hunan FOC celebrated the 100th anniversary of the CPC in Xiangtan

Updated:2021-06-24 16:18:26


Opening performance "Clouds in hometown"


Song "China in the Light"


Chorus "Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China"

Hunan Federation of Overseas Chinese held an art performance to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Xiangtan this afternoon. Overseas Chinese expressed their best wishes to the Party and the motherland with songs and dances.

Huang Fang, Secretary of the Leading Party Committee of Hunan FOC pointed out that in the course of the Party's centennial history, overseas Chinese, returned overseas Chinese and their relatives have always shared the same breath, shared the same destiny and had close hearts with the CPC. Hunan FOC will take the CPC's one hundred year old birthday party as the new starting point, through the study of party history education, constantly draw to move on from the party's one hundred years of struggle, the wisdom and strength, inherit and carry forward the party's fine tradition, ability and skill, to improve services for overseas Chinese in the mutual understanding and coagulation hearts meet force, service center, booster on the development, maintenance, reveal new as, For the implementation of the "three senior high schools and four new" strategy, the construction of a new modern Hunan contribution to overseas Chinese forces, with outstanding achievements to the Communist Party of China 100th anniversary.

The performance kicked off with the song and dance Clouds of Hometown, in which the performers wore gorgeous costumes and sang loud and clear songs to express their patriotic feelings. In the form of drama, the melodrama "pure heart" shows the patriotic story of Tan Kah Kee, the overseas Chinese leader, who called on the overseas Chinese in Nanyang to raise funds and organize the mechanical workers in Nanyang to come back to China to fight against Japanese aggression and save the country, showing the pure heart and patriotism of overseas Chinese. More f lights in China, the female chorus "mei niang qu", poetry reading "in one hundred Dream of the Chinese, and erhu solo the horse racing news, songs such as "I believe" events one after another, not only shows the development history of the communist party of China in one hundred, brilliant, is a new era of new and old returned overseas Chinese uplifting spirit. During the interview, the host interviewed Mao Binghua, a representative of returned overseas Chinese, part-time vice chairman of Hunan Federation of Overseas Chinese, and chairman of Hunan Jinlong New Material Technology Co., Ltd., listening to her journey of serving the motherland and making contributions to the development of her hometown.

He Junfeng, Deputy Secretary of Xiangtan Municipal Party Committee, Sun Minsheng and Li Zuyuan, vice Chairmen of Hunan FOC, Yang Zhenping, Xu Yajian, Hu Zhenxiang, Xiangtan City leaders, and Liu Hui, Part-time Vice Chairman of Hunan FOC attended the meeting. More than 300 people watched the performance, including the heads of the provincial overseas Chinese federation, Hunan Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the provincial overseas Chinese youth committee, the heads of the overseas Chinese federations in various cities and prefectures, the relatives of returned overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese in Hunan, the overseas Chinese federations in universities and overseas Chinese business representatives.