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Lin Fanrong: Being a Benefit to the People

Updated:2021-07-14 16:09:50


Lin Fanrong,a returned overseas Chinese from Thailand


Lin was awarded the "70th Anniversary of the Chinese People's Volunteers' War Aiding Korea in Anti-American War" medal

"No matter what difficulties and setbacks we encounter, no matter what position we hold, whether in office or after retirement, we must firmly uphold our ideals and convictions of loving the Party and the country, regardless of personal gains and losses, always be strict with ourselves as Party members, serve the people wholeheartedly, and be a person who will benefit the people."This is the deepest feeling of Lin Fenglong, who has been in the military for more than a decade and engaged in Party affairs for decades.

On July 7, 1937, the "Lugou Bridge Incident" opened the prelude to the nationwide War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. The people of all ethnic groups and all walks of life responded enthusiastically, and the anti-Japanese and national salvation movement was at an all-time high.With his father, who was full of patriotic feelings and committed to serving the country, Lin Fang-sheng resolutely returned to China from Thailand, bought land, made investments, opened a bookstore and actively supported the anti-Japanese war work throughout the country.

His father's every move ignited Lin's thriving patriotism.In 1951, Lin gave up enriculating at South China University (now South China Normal University) in Guangzhou and actively responded to the call of "Resist the United States and Aid the Korean Republic, Protect the Family and Protect the Country". He immediately applied for the army and joined the army.

"The application was approved very quickly.I'm so happy that I can't wait to go to the front of the war against the United States."Young people in their teens and twenties do not lack the courage to go forward and the determination to devote themselves to their country.After enlist in the army, Lin was assigned to the Chinese People's Volunteers Air Force (Northeast Air Force) Ninth Division Guard Company, stationed on the Yalu River in Andong (now Dandong).

"It was in August 1951, the United States launched the 'hanged war', the fighter planes of the volunteer air force to meet the enemy planes, shuttle back and forth every day, hit the sky and the ground is dark, from time to time there are volunteer fighter planes in the emergency landing field.Recalling the experience of the war, Lin prosperity is particularly excited, "to the 'Hanging War' later, the enemy more crazy, our spirit is highly tense, the task is very heavy, I was ready to sacrifice at any time at that time.

Before long, of American army "gallows war" declare defeat, Lin prosperity changes guard to come back from Korea, allocated Jilin, the task is to defend small plump hydropower station.In the tense situation of the enemy and I equipment gap, the general commanders and men work together, never let the enemy aircraft close to the small plump power station one step.

Because of his outstanding performance during the Anti-Japanese War, Lin Fenglong was awarded the third class merit in 1952, 1953 and 1954, which was one of the important shining points in Lin Fenglong's life and also a great honor in his life.

In April 1955, Lin was transferred to the Naval Aviation Laishan Base as Secretary of the Communist Youth League Working Committee.For his outstanding work, the Communist Youth League Working Committee was awarded the "Advanced Communist Youth League Working Committee of the North Sea Fleet" and the "Advanced Communist Youth League Working Committee of the Navy", and Lin Fengsheng was awarded the "Young Activist of Socialist Construction". In 1958, he joined the Communist Party of China with honor.

Later, Lin prosperity experienced a number of shifts.From the army to Xiangtan Electric Machinery Factory, and from Xiangtan Electric Machinery Factory transferred to the factory staff university and factory children middle school, Lin prosperity every time can quickly complete the role transformation, conscientious and conscientious to do their own work.In the factory children middle school, Lin fengsheng closely rely on the "people", unite the majority of teachers and staff, creatively put forward the idea of "three years three big steps", through continuous efforts, the factory children middle school has become the first in Xiangtan city to obtain the "provincial key middle school" the golden character of the children's middle school.

In June 1989, Lin Fanrong was again transferred to be the secretary of the administrative organs of the factory, managing and coordinating more than 20 offices.During his tenure, Lin never cared about personal gains and losses, and won the trust and support of his colleagues until his retirement.

As an old returned overseas Chinese, Lin has been very enthusiastic about the work of overseas Chinese, and actively participated in the activities organized by the Federation of Overseas Chinese.His papers, such as "playing the role of a bridge, setting up the concept of service" and "law on the protection of legitimate rights and interests of returned overseas Chinese and their relatives and human rights", were read out and won awards at the theoretical seminars on overseas Chinese affairs in Xiangtan city.

Lin does not care about personal gains and losses, and he often uses this saying to educate his descendants.After retirement, Lin Fong has always resonated with the Overseas Chinese Federation, using their own rich social experience and work experience to give full play to residual heat.