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HOCPWF donated 1.1 million yuan to Henan and Zhangjiajie

Updated:2021-08-10 16:42:08

Up to August 4, Hunan Overseas Chinese Public Welfare Foundation(HOCPWF) donated 1.1 million yuan to help local residents overcome difficulties in Henan province and Zhangjiajie of Hunan.

Since late July, heavy rainfall in many parts of Henan province has caused severe waterlogging and some reservoirs have broken, causing heavy casualties and property losses. Hearing of the disaster in Henan, Hunan FOC and HOCPWF launched a public fundraising project of "For Henan, flood&disaster control&relief " on July 25. Overseas Chinese communities in Hunan extended helping hands and actively responded to the flood and disease relief work.

Up to August 4, HOCPWF donated 800,000 yuan to Henan province through the China Overseas Chinese Public Welfare Foundation. The donations would be used for post-disaster reconstruction, the purchase of relief materials and the protection of people in disaster areas.

At the end of July, confirmed cases and asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 were found in Zhangjiajie, hunan Province. Zhangjiajie, a tourist city, has been heavily affected by the outbreak. To this end, the Hunan Overseas Chinese Public Welfare Foundation has decided to donate 300,000 yuan to support Zhangjiajie to contribute to the local epidemic prevention and control work.

Established in 2014, Hunan Overseas Chinese Public Welfare Foundation is a provincial public foundation registered by the Hunan Provincial Civil Affairs Department, co-sponsored by the Hunan FOC and overseas Chinese communities in Hunan, and supervised by the Hunan FOC. In recent years, the Foundation has actively undertaken its social responsibilities, donating up to 10 million yuan for social public welfare activities such as targeted poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, student aid and disaster relief. During the disaster in Henan province and the outbreak of the epidemic in Zhangjiajie, HOCPWF, as a platform for the patriotism of many overseas Chinese and returned overseas Chinese and their relatives, has actively rallied the strength of the overseas Chinese community to help the affected areas and the affected areas, hoping that local residents would soon return to a normal life.