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The first batch of Xiang-Yue-Africa sea-rail container set sail

Updated:2021-10-19 00:00:00

The first batch of 86 containers of "Zhuzhou-Nansha Port" of "Xiang-Yue-Africa" sea-rail combined freight train will depart from Nansha Terminal Ii of Guangzhou port to Mombasa Port of Kenya aboard the ship "COSCO YINGKOU".The shipment from Nansha port area is rice, an important aid material for Africa, weighing 1,935 tons.

As an innovative measure of the international logistics channel system between China and Africa, the "Hunan guangdong Africa" sea-rail combined transport channel is an important logistics channel between central and western China and even the whole country to Africa, and also a new achievement of China-Africa cooperation in the new era.Xiang yue logistics new channels for the first time constructed from hunan economic hinterland to the African continent and the surrounding provinces in the whole process of the "end-to-end" logistics channel, realize the entire bill of lading, one ticket to the end, to provide "hinterland of hinterland" "door to door" logistics services, the formation of radiation throughout the country, supporting pan African (Asia Pacific, Middle East, Latin America), trade logistics channel.

The hunan new channel in guangdong, guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao to nansha port area is located in the large bay geometric center, near the pearl river delta mainly source generated, port and railway, highway and inland transportation network seamless connection, has a unique advantage for jianghai transport, transportation, fit china-africa international logistics channel international transport requirements.

Nansha Port area is the nearest international basic port to Hunan Province. In the route distribution of African shipping area, Nansha Port area has the advantages of short distance, low cost and fast aging.At present, nansha Port area has a total of 22 shipping routes to Africa, the most container shipping routes to Africa in China, and the shipping routes are rich in products, covering major ports in Africa.By September 2021, There are 138 foreign trade routes in Guangzhou Port, including 132 in Nansha Port area. At present, there are 29 sea-rail combined transport trains. From January to September this year, the completed sea-rail combined transport has increased by 54.3% year on year.

Since the beginning of this year, guangzhou port has successfully shipped 7 China-Europe freight trains.