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Construction of Xinglian road grand channel' s river-crossing section proceeds

Source:Hunan Daily
Updated:2021-10-28 09:47:25


Photo by Tian Chao/Hunan Daily

The aerial photo shows the construction site of a steel trestle bridge across the Xiangjiang River, which is part of the Changsha-Yiyang Expressway--Xinglian Road Grand Channel (River-crossing Section) Project.

The project is one of Changsha's "Ten Infrastructure Projects" in 2021. It starts from the west of Yinshan Road and ends at the west of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway Bridge with a total length of 5.475 km. Its 4.96-km-long main bridge across the Xiangjiang River is a twin-tower cable-stayed bridge with a span of "165 meters +380 meters +165 meters". 

The project is the largest municipal bridge project in Hunan province. It is expected to be completed by October 2024.