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A Chinese culture autumn camp for overseas Chinese was completed

Updated:2021-10-28 08:51:13


Artwork made by a camp member.

“Thank the Federation of Returned Oversees Chinese and many others for creating this opportunities for my children to study Chinese and its culture. ”“Thank the Federation for providing this Chinese learning platform online, and we hope to meet again soon.”These words came from a wechat group, dedicated to staff worked at this online autumn camp in Hunan.

On October 25th, organized by the Federation of Returned Oversea Chinese, its Hunan branch, its Xiangtan branch, and Xiangcaoshan Chinese Language School Wuppertal, a Chinese culture online autumn camp was successfully completed. 130 oversea Chinese teenage who come from Germany, Russia, Italy, using a online cloud meeting platform, gathered and finished a series of lesson on Chinese culture. On the last day, members of the camp had gave out a talent show. Some of them played the piano and the violin, and the others recited Chinese poems and told stories in Chinese.


Camp members are finishing their study tasks.

This camp started at the October 15th, and it lasts for fifteen days, Chinese teachers employed various playful teaching methods, such as storytelling, to organized different lessons for camp members. The camp invited Wu Yuan, who specializes at paper shadow play, and also is a intangible culture inheritor and a curator of Sheng Pingxuan paper shadow play Museum in Xiangtan, to give lessons. These oversea Chinese teenage were very found of this Chinese tradition. In a addition, Xiangcaoshan Chinese Language School Wuppertal organized a screening of new Chinese movies, Battle at Lake Changjin and 1921.


Online lessons on paper shadow play.


Camp members are watching live broadcast.

Autumn is the season of harvest. Chinese culture has become meaningful through this camp, and these oversea Chinese have obtained knowledge about China and friendship in this online camp.

Author: Lie Yicen, Tu liping

Translantor: Ruan Zifeng