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Chaozong Street, an old street in first sight

Updated:2021-10-26 08:39:00

Chaozong street is named after one of major city gates, Chaozong gate. It is one of four remaining stone paved streets. Its total length is 511 meters. History of Changsha can be found here, and Chaozong historical and cultural district is becoming a culturally hot spot.

Liang Qichao, Cai E, Tan Sitong, Kim Koo and many others who used to engaged with revolutionary affairs in the late twentieth century were active in Chaozong Street. Shiwu academy that was a early modernized Chinese academy, was found here, replacing the education based on the imperial examination. Xiangya school that later became Xiangya hospital represents the beginning of western medicine education in China. Also, young Mao Zedong had found a book club in which he promoted Marxism.

Author: Ding Qing, Chen Xiaoding, Zhong Jiaying, Ouyang Lu, Peng Hao, Jiang Mei, Jiang Shan, Chen Aonan, Ruan Zifeng, Chen Xingxiao

Translator: Ruan Zifeng