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Where are these migrating brids on the start of winter ?

Updated:2021-11-08 16:40:51

Start of winter, one of the 24 solar terms, was on November 7th this year in Roman Calendar. It is the first solar term in winter season. It means that autumn officially ends, and weather will become colder. 


Photo by Chen Minjie

At this time of year, migrating birds are arriving their final destination. Wetland is their favorite habitat. East Dongting Lake, located on Junshan District in Yueyang, is a habitat in China, sheltering these birds. Its total area is above hundred ninety hectares.  


Photo by Chen Minjie


Photo by Chen Minjie


Photo by Chen Minjie


Photo by Chen Minjie

Every winter, more than ten thousand birds reside on the east side of lake. Here you can observe diverse types of birds, such bulbul, snipe, heron, waterfowl and garrulax.

In fact, west and south Dongting Lake are also good choices for bird watching activity. Birds are usually most active in the morning since they will be foraging and sing. Most of birds are active during periods of two hours after sun rise and two hours before sun set.