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A Hanfu festival was hosted in Yanghu

Updated:2021-11-16 09:03:56


On November 13th, a Hanfu cultural festival was hosted in Yanghu.42fef0bc-15c5-4a18-8d54-e4eeb529658f.jpg

Over forty key opinion leaders have attended this event.a160d727-0cd9-4018-ac7a-8a0138a6d637.jpg

Hanfu Grandma has attended this event.


A Hanfu parade


There are many performances in this event.     In recent years, Hanfu, the traditional clothing for the Han Chinese, has gained popularity across the nation, particularly among young people. On November 13th, A Hanfu cultural festival was hosted in Yanghu Changsha. More than forty key opinion leaders, twenty Hanfu brands, and thirty masters of intangible cultural heritage have attended this event.

    On this event, there were performances of Xiang opera and Guqin. Also, there were a reenactment of Ming dynasty ritual. Thousand of Hanfu fans have gathered here, and the famous Hanfu Grandma has attended this event. In an addition, a vintage market was set up there, selling handmade crafts.