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Hunan Free Trade Zone issues measures for the Implementation of talent policies

Source:Hunan Daily
Updated:2021-11-16 15:56:01

A conference to release supporting measures for implementing talent policies in the Hunan Pilot Free Trade Zone Changsha Area (hereafter referred to as “Changsha Area”) was held on November 13th. In addition, the Changsha Talent Intelligent Navigation website was launched simultaneously.

Before this, the Changsha Area formulated and issued several trial measures for talent gathering. To effectively implement these measures, the Talent Office of the Organization Department of the CPC Changsha Municipal Committee and the Management Committee of the Hunan Pilot Free Trade Zone Changsha Area organized relevant municipal units, districts, counties, and industrial parks to introduce 24 supporting implementation plans on talent settlement, talent individual tax reward, and site subsidies for newly-established enterprises.

“The supporting measures are classified into four categories: introducing and cultivating talents, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, improving human resource services, and innovating talent recognition mechanisms,” said Luo Zuanji, director of the Organization Department of the CPC Changsha Municipal Committee. He introduced that the policies are very beneficial, including capping the personal income tax at 15%, which is currently the most favorable policy compared to other places in the country.

“There are a lot of measures to attract overseas talents,” said Anthony, a British senior director at the Changsha WES Academy. “For example, for newly-introduced overseas talents working in the Changsha Area, they can get a rental and living subsidy ranging from 6,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan. There are also practical policies and measures for them to buy houses, have children enrolled in local schools, and buy relevant insurances,” he added.

The Changsha Talent Intelligent Navigation website and the Changsha Talent APP were launched that day. They have integrated municipal talent policy information and various innovation and entrepreneurship resources and set up a particular area or column for Changsha Area’s talent policies. This has enabled people to know about talent policies, deal with talent matters and enjoy talent services online.

Translator: Kuang Zhenzhen