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双语 | 长沙“C+C”媒体艺术驻留项目艺术家走访天心区

Updated:2021-11-18 10:56:30


Artists are visiting Taiping Street.



Artists are visiting Changsha Jiandu Museum.


Recently eight artists, who are participating in Changsha "C+C" International Media Arts Residency Program, have visited various places in Tianxin district, such as Taiping Street, Tianxin Pavilion, Changsha Jiandu Museum and so on.


On November 1st, 2017, Changsha was awarded by UNESCO and given the title of "Creative City of Media Arts”. Many sides have been contributing to create the urban artistic atmosphere, and the famous Star City with a rich history and culture has begun to become younger, modern, and artistic. Changsha "C+C" International Media Arts Residency Program is one of the series of events in Changsha Media Art Festival.


In order to strengthen the resident artist's local experience in Changsha and in-depth exchanges with the public, transform the urban cultural experience to artistic creation, and eventually accomplish a co-creation of a public art event by presenting a exhibition, a series of activities will be carried out around 4 significant actions:


In-residence artists "Going into the countryside, into the community, into the university, into the enterprise”.


Exploring the relationship between humanities and art and city development in the forms of field visits, salon forums, sharing sessions, workshops, intangible cultural heritage experiences, etc.. Through interaction with the masses, media art is made more public and universal.