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双语新闻 | 长潭城际定制公交线路开通

Updated:2021-11-24 10:42:24


Opening Ceremony of the Changsha-Xiangtan intercity customized bus line


On Nov 22, the Changsha-Xiangtan intercity customized bus line opened. Many citizens had come to experience this new bus line and marvelled at it at the bus terminal of Changsha Yuelu District's Qingshui Road. Thus, with this new bus line and the intercity bus line between Changsha and Zhuzhou in September of this year, Changsha was understood to have direct bus lines with Xiangtan and Zhuzhou.


Opening Ceremony of the Changsha-Xiangtan intercity customized bus line


The Changsha-Xiangtan intercity customized bus line is 41 kilometres long, starting from the starting bus terminal of Qingshui Road in Changsha and ending at the Comprehensive Bonded Zone bus terminal in Xiangtan. After the large passenger flow data analysis, this bus line has been designed to connect many stations, including the NO.3 & NO.4 metro stations of Fubuhe, Changsha University Town, Yanghu Wetland Park, Hunan Women's and Children's Hospital, Huayi Brothers Film Town, Xiangjiang College, Xiangtan North Railway Station, Xiangtan International Convention&Exhibition Center. It can precisely meet passenger demand and greatly facilitate the daily travel of citizens in Changsha and Xiangtan.


Opening Ceremony of the Changsha-Xiangtan intercity customized bus line


"The line supports online payment, QR Code payment and other payment methods. The passengers can also check out the line's departure time and vehicle location in real-time by mobile phones to achieve on-time rides. It is more convenient to travel." said an official of Changsha-Xiangtan intercity customized bus lines. Passengers can follow the WeChat account "Changsha Bus Group Operations Company". Then the public can choose the bus line, purchase tickets through the customized bus platform, and finally, show the electronic tickets of the phone on-site to complete the ticket inspection. In addition, passengers can also scan the QR code to purchase tickets on the spot.


The Changsha-Xiangtan intercity customized bus line is equipped with new-energy battery-electric buses, operating from 7:00-19:00. Reporters found that the new-energy battery-electric bus is low-noise, zero-emission, zero-pollution, comfortable and has air conditioning, allowing for green travel and intensive travel of passengers in Changsha and Xiangtan.