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2021 Hunan International Cultural Tourism Festival opens in Nanyue

Updated:2021-12-14 15:32:03

The 2021 Hunan International Cultural Tourism Festival was held in Nanyue District, Hengyang City between December 10 and 11. Representatives of overseas travel agents based in China, representatives of overseas agencies in China, representatives of international sister cities of Hengyang City, overseas media, university students, and guests from cities and prefecture in Hunan Province participated.

The theme of this festival was "Splendid Xiaoxiang, Unique Hengyang, and Magnificent Hengshan Mountain". It showcased the scenic and cultural features of Hunan, told Hengyang's stories, and presented the charm of Hengshan Mountain to the international community. During the festival,a variety of activities were held, including the first China (Nanyue) Chinese painting biennial exhibition, Hunan international travel agents conference and media agencies’ expedition tours; and, serial activities for specially invited overseas students.

The biennial exhibition displayed nearly 200 works of traditional Chinese paintings on landscapes, figures, and flowers and birds, as well as modern Chinese ink paintings. Nearly 100 overseas students from Central South University, University of South China and other universities gathered in Nanyue to enjoy beautiful scenery, taste vegetarian dishes, enjoy Yunwu (cloud-mist) tea, watch paper-cutting performances, and experience religious culture with Buddhism and Taoism coexisted, Shou (longevity) culture, and spirits of resisting aggression.

Incentives were issued to support travel agencies and attract domestic and foreign tourists to Hengyang and Nanyue. Those who organize tourists to Hengyang and Nanyue can enjoy ticket discounts and subsidies for charted trains and flights.

In recent years, Nanyue District has set the goal of creating itself into a world-class cultural tourism destination. New tourism formats such as "night tour", "study tour" and "rural tourism" have been developed. The annual reception of tourists has exceeded 13 million, and the annual tourism revenue has exceeded 10 billion yuan.

Translator: Xiao Juan