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Hunan province issues white paper on government affairs big data

Updated:2021-12-14 15:32:50

On December 13, the Hunan Provincial People’s Government Information Office held a press conference in Changsha to introduce the white paper titled “Hunan Province Big Data (Government Affairs)” and Hunan’s development and application in big data.

It is the first provincial government affairs big data white paper in China. The CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Cyberspace Administration and the Hunan Provincial People’s Government Development and Research Center have fully studied domestic and international big data and the information of Hunan’s related departments and cities (prefecture), and organized relevant units and experts to conduct repeated research and demonstration. On this basis, the white paper was compiled.

The white paper is divided into eight parts. It elaborates on the development status of big data and related policies and regulations, as well as the basic resources, governance, supervision, security, and services of government affairs big data in Hunan. The document follows the positioning and missions of China’s Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for National Economic and Social Development and Hunan Province’s Three Highlands and Four New Missions Strategy. It envisions the prospects for the development of government affairs big data and puts forward relevant strategic suggestions.

The white paper says that Hunan has established four basic databases for natural persons; legal persons; natural resources and geographic space; and, macroeconomics. A subject database, a department database, and a city and prefecture database have been built to collect, integrate, analyze, and mine data resources. These data will support for modern development of people's livelihood, economic development, public security and other fields.

The CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the Hunan Provincial People’s Government have attached great importance to the development and application of big data. In recent years, a "Three-year Action Plan for the Development of Big Data Industry" was launched, a team of CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Cyberspace Affairs Commission for promoting the application of public events big data was established, and policy documents such as the Opinions on the Implementation of Improving the Systems and Mechanisms for the Market Allocation of Production Factors were issued. The white paper will play an active role in implementing the national big data strategy, advancing the development and application of big data, unleashing the potential of data factors, accelerating the construction of digital Hunan, strengthening big data security, and improving the big data literacy of leadership personnel.

Translator: Xiao Juan