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Yongxing beancurd skin

Updated:2021-12-15 14:26:29

Yongxing beancurd skin is one of most typical food in Yongxing County, Chenzhou. It became famous in Qing Dynasty. Various cooking methods can be applied to this food.

Fried beancurd skin with green peppers is the most accepted one. Chef needs to chop green onions, garlics, and celeries into small pieces. To make this dish, chef fry garlics and green peppers first, add beancurd skin later, and finally celeries and green onions.

Recently, deep fried beancurd skin has become a popular appetizer. To make this dish, one has to deep fry beancurd skin to crispy. Later one stirs fry fried beancurd skin with cooked spices. In the end, one need to spread some fresh rolls of green onions on top.