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Hunan launches first export of fruit seeds

Updated:2021-12-21 15:52:55

A batch of watermelon seeds produced by a Hunan-based seed industry company was transported from the Changsha Huanghua Airport to Malaysia on December 21, 2021, after completing customs clearance at the Shaoyang Customs and receiving phytosanitary certificates.

“This is Hunan’s first export of fruit seeds,” said Liu Xiaoming, director of the Shaoyang Customs.

These exported watermelon seeds consisted of two varieties, with a gross weight of 28 kilograms and worth 8,170 US dollars. In order to assist the export company, Shaoyang Customs designated working staff to the company to give advices on enhancing pest and epidemic surveillance, improving plant preserver supervision system, and establishing product quality tracing management system. They also assisted the company to get registered for export of seedlings and flowers. The Shaoyang Customs took the initiative to contact higher-level authorities, coordinate procedures of related certifications, keep tracing the supervision conditions of the products, and prevent unqualified product from being exported.

“We would like to thank Shaoyang Customs’ strict supervision, which made us more confident for our exported products,” said technical director of the company. Next, the company will export some quality seeds of melons and vegetables.

Translator: Pang Yuehui