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New professions in countryside | Grape sister in livestream e-commerce

Updated:2021-12-21 16:43:38

In Lixian County, there is a girl working in a fruit farm, and she is also called grape sister in the internet.

“Hello everybody. I am grape sister. These has already booked grapes please be patient. Currently orders has exceeded our capacity…”

This attractive girl comes from Tuzikou village, and her name is Liu Yuanyuan. Since 1997, her family has been planting grapes. She is quite familiar with planting, picking, packing and selling of grapes.

She accidentally got into livestream e-commerce. On the first day of the livestream, she had gained trusts and favors online, and she received grapes orders with a total weight of two hundred kilograms. She discovered this opportunity, and decided to sell grape from her family’s farm in livestream.

“At first, around one thousand to fifty thousand people watch my livestream. But after many followers purchased my products, they often introduce me new customers.” In this year, Liu Yuanyuan sold grapes with a total weight of ten thousand kilograms within twenty days.

Liu Yuanyuan’s success was recognized by the township. Now, Liu Yuanyuan started doing livestream e-commerce for produces from the entire town.

“Now grapes are sold out, and we are selling dragon fruits.” Since early November, Liu Yuanyuan has been broadcasting local dragon fruits in livestream. She can no longer be categorized as a traditional farmers, but rather a professional e-commerce business woman.