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Changsha metro line 6 to start trial operation soon

Updated:2021-12-23 15:43:17

Changsha Metro Line 6, which connects Hexi (meaning the west of the Xiangjiang River) area and Huanghua International Airport, will be put into trial operation in late December, after making major breakthroughs such as “tunnel connection”, “rail connection” and “electricity connection”. Final preparations get underway for the line’s trial operation.

Line 6, with a total length of 48.11 kilometers and 34 stations, starts from the Meixi Lake area in the west, and ends at the Huanghua International Airport in the east. It is an east-west urban backbone line in Changsha’s rail transit network and the first PPP project in this field.

Line 6 is the subway line with the longest span, the most transfer stations and covering the widest area in Changsha. It features wider car bodies and larger passenger capacity. It is Changsha’s only subway line that can directly reach the Huanghua International Airport terminals. There are 12 transfer stations on the line, connecting it with the existing 5 subway lines.

Line 6 is Changsha’s first metro line to use A-type car bodies with 6 sections per train. The main color of trains on Line 6 is blue. Its maximum passenger capacity is 2,592 people per train, which is more than 20% higher than that of the existing metro lines. Its maximum operating speed is 80 km/h.

The train is equipped with an intelligent operation and maintenance system, which can monitor the conditions of each subsystem of the train in real time. A detecting system is also available to assist in monitoring the changes of overhead lines, tracks and clearances in tunnels. As a result, the functions of “intelligent trains, intelligent maintenance, and intelligent monitoring” are integrated.

Translator: Kuang Zhenzhen