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New professions in countryside | An art and craft studio in Yuanxi village

Updated:2021-12-23 10:59:47

Jimei palace lantern factory is located at Yuanxi village Dongan county Hunan. Yi Shaoling and Peng Zhonghua, a couple, are busy with fulfilling orders of various kinds of palace lantern.

Yi Shaoling encountered Peng Zhonghua at the year of 2008. They both majored in design. One time, a company bought Yi Shaoling’s design of palace lantern which she posted online. This experience inspired them to open this factory.

In 2015, in order to improve production and to lower production costs, this couple bought seventeen laser cutters. This machine enable them not only to customize products but also to work on various types of materials. They received orders from banks, retails, car dealers and so on. When they are too busy with orders, they even recruit local villagers to help them. Currently, Jimei palace lantern factory has more than hundred of designs. Hollowed paper palace lantern was patented in 2013.