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Changsha new port’s annual container throughput exceeds 200,000 TEUs

Updated:2021-12-29 17:20:59



As a container marked with “NO.200000TEU” was ready for shipment at the Changsha New Port at 18:08 on December 28, the port saw its annual container throughput exceed 200,000 TEUs for the first time. It marked a new milestone in the development history of Changsha ports. It also marked that the port has entered the leading ranks of China's inland river feeder ports.

Since COVID-19 happened, the global supply chain industry has been affected by various factors. Under the supports from Changsha customs and many bureaus, Changsha port as one of 36 inland river feeder port enforces many policies that promote logistical services to be efficiently delivered. It has achieved growth under this difficult situation.

First container was shipped in July 30th 2003. Annual container throughput exceeds 100,000 TEUs in 2009, and makes a double in this year. This well-established supply chain guarantees local economical growth.

According to Yang Liang, the manager of a Changsha logistical company, NO.200000TEU was lifted by a new technology which enable the worker to remotely control the crane. In the future, it will greatly improve efficiency in the workflow.