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Shaoshan attracts more visitors during new year's day holiday

Updated:2022-01-04 16:54:55

Newly promoted tourism tours of watching the lunar samples exhibition and revolutionary drama, attracted numerous visitors to Shaoshan during the New Year’s Day holiday. On January 3, the person in charge of the Culture, Tourism, and Sports Bureau of Shaoshan City said that the city’s tourist attractions received 43,690 visits during the three-day holiday.

At 10 am on the January 3, many parents brought their children to gather around the lunar samples storage area at the Life Exhibition Area of Mao Zedong Memorial Hall. The lunar samples on display are dark brown, collected from the Station Tianchuan, in the northeast of the Oceanus Procellarum on the near side of the Moon. They are a new type of lunar basalt. On December 25 last year, the lunar samples from the backup storage of Chang’e 5 mission were stored in Shaoshan and was planned to be exhibited at the Mao Zedong Memorial Hall for a month. Li Xiaorong, a tourist from Xiangxiang City, said, “Today, I took my child to visit the lunar samples to stimulate his interest in aerospace science and technology and cultivate his sense of national pride.”

Peng Yan, director of the Department of Publicity and Education of the Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, remarked that in order to meet the demand of increasing tourists on the New Year's Day holiday, they have increased the number of times for guide services, from the original 20 times a day to 30 times a day. Stories behind the collection of lunar samples were also told. During the New Year's Day holiday, the memorial hall received 18,000 arrivals, an increase of 21% over previous years.

“The Most Memorable Shaoshan” staged at the Red Five Star Theater in the South Square of the tourist transfer center of Shaoshan's core scenic spot attracted throngs of visitors. According to Qiu Mingmin, the brand promotion director of the large indoor stage play, since its premiere on December 25 last year, 12 sell-out performances have been staged. More than 2,000 tourists were received during the three-day holiday.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang