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Hunan literary and arts circles bring colorful art to countryside

Source:Hunan Daily
Updated:2022-01-11 16:29:10

Villagers watched a lion dance performance on January 9.

Photo by Peng Hongxia, Zhao Shangyu

On the same day, the Hunan Provincial Literature and Arts Voluntary Service Group visited Sugu Village, Guanqiao Town, Liuyang City, to stage a special performance. It was sponsored by the Hunan Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and jointly organized by seven provincial-level associations such as Hunan Provincial Quyi Artists Association, Hunan Provincial Artists Association, Hunan Provincial Calligraphers Association, Hunan Provincial Folk Literature and Arts Association, and Hunan Provincial Academy of Painting. They presented amazing songs, cross talks, and sketches, and were greeted with applause and cheers of villagers.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang