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Light show staged in Changsha to mark Chinese People's Police Day

Source:Hunan Daily
Updated:2022-01-11 16:28:31

Photos by Li Jian and Wang Weiwei, Hunan Daily

The photos, taken on January 10 evening, show a spectacular light show on high-rise buildings along the Xiangjiang River, Changsha. That day marked the Chinese People's Police Day. LED lights formed various patterns, such as "Celebrating the Chinese People's Police Day", "The ‘110’ police force puts people first and provides escorts to people", to show respect to every police officer who works day and night to protect the life safety of the people.

The Chinese People's Police Day, which falls every January 10, corresponds with the country's emergency call number of 110. The establishment of this festival was approved in 2020 in recognition of the extraordinary work of the country's public security guardians.

Translator: Kuang Zhenzhen