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Hunan's grain output hit record high in 2021

Updated:2022-01-26 17:06:06

A press conference on Hunan's economic and social development was held on January 24. According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics Survey Office in Hunan, in 2021, Hunan's grain output amounted to 30.744 million tons, a record high over the past six years.

Data shows that Hunan's grain output in 2021 was 592,000 tons more than the previous year, an increase of 2%. The yield of summer grain was 452,000 tons, early season rice 7.438 million tons, and autumn grain 22.854 million tons.

Hunan has made great contributions to the national food security. Hunan’s farmland, taking up 2.8% of the total of the country, produced 4.5% of national grain output.

The record could not be reached without the increase of the cultivation area and the per unit area yield of grain, and policy support. In 2021, Hunan's cultivation area hit 71.376 million mu (47,584 sqkm), increasing by 54,000 mu (36 sqkm); and, the yield of grain per mu was 430.7 kg, 8 kg more than the previous year. The government authorities have shouldered the responsibility of food security and made practical work. Policies concerning farmland water conservancy construction, and deepening the supply-side structural reform in agriculture have been implemented in an accelerated way, which helped promote the overall grain output.