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Nanyue Temple temporarily closed during Spring Festival

Source:Hunan Daily
Updated:2022-01-28 16:40:30

From January 31 (the 29th day of the last lunar month) to February 9 (the ninth day of the first lunar month), 2022, indoor scenic spots such as Nanyue Temple and Zhurong Temple, and places for religious activities will be temporarily closed to the public until further notice, according to the announcement made by the government of Nanyue District, Hengyang City on January 25.

Hengshan Core Scenic Area, Shuilian Cave, Wanshou Tripod, Zhurong Fire Cultural Park, and other outdoor scenic spots are open to the public during the Spring Festival. The opening hours are from 8 am to 5:30 pm every day.

The scenic area strictly follows the principle of “no entry without reservation”. It limits the number of visitors, implements staggered shifts and reservation systems, and asks visitors to maintain at least one meter of distance. The number of daily visitors should not exceed 75% of maximum capacity. Before visiting, tourists need to present their ID cards, health QR codes, and digital travel records, wear masks, and cooperate with body temperature measurement.

Translator: Xiao Juan