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Changsha metro, bus lines passing through Yingbin road adjusted

Source:Hunan Daily
Updated:2022-03-22 15:26:28

In the light of epidemic prevention and control requirements, starting from March 22, 2022, Changsha Metro Line 2 trains will not stop at Yingbin Road Station, until further notification.

Several bus routes passing through Qiaozhuang and Yuanjialing (on Bayi Road) stations would be adjusted at the same time. Buses will not stop at the two mentioned stations starting from March 22, until further notification.

The buses passing through Qiaozhuang station include: No. 118; No. 317; No. 405; No, 410; No. 131; No. 401; No. 803; No. 1 Lv line; No. 105; No. 146; No. 111; and, No. 113.

The buses passing through Yuanjialing station on Bayi Road include: No. 301; No. 311; No. 136; No. 142; No. 202; No. 321; No. 501; No. 1; and, No. 701.

Translator: Pang Yuehui