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Changde-Yiyang-Changsha high-speed railway completed

Source:Hunan Daily
Updated:2022-04-15 08:43:22

Early on the morning of April 12, the two sides of the main span of the Yuanjiang Grand Bridge, a critical section of the Changde-Yiyang-Changsha High-speed Railway, were joined smoothly. This marked the completion of the main part of the Changde-Yiyang-Changsha High-speed Railway. 

So far, the track-laying base in Changde has been constructed. The ballastless track laying along the section between Changde and Yiyang is being advanced.

The Yuanjiang Grand Bridge is 34.866 kilometers in length, with a main span of 240 meters. It is the world’s longest-span deep-water high-speed railway bridge with two-limb thin-walled tower-beam-pier consolidation system, and also China’s longest-span cable-stayed high-speed railway bridge with ballastless track and continuous rigid structure. 

The Changde-Yiyang-Changsha High-speed Railway is an important section of the Chongqing-Changsha-Xiamen High-speed Railway which is a key part of China’s "eight vertical and eight horizontal" high-speed rail network. It starts from Changde City, passes through Yiyang, and ends at the Changsha West Railway Station. The total length is 156.82 kilometers. With this railway, the travel time from Changde to Changsha will be shortened to only one hour, and the integration of the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan City Cluster, Yiyang, and Changde will be enhanced.

Translator: Pang Yuehui