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Half of China's top 50 construction machinery products made in Hunan

Updated:2022-04-20 11:30:50

A list of 2022 China's Top 50 Construction Machinery Products was recently unveiled. Nearly half of the shortlisted machineries were made in Hunan.

The selection of the China's Top 50 Construction Machinery Products was initiated in 2006, guided by the National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Construction Machinery and hosted by the Construction Machinery & Maintenance magazine. It is an influential annual event in the construction machinery field in China, and even the world. Four main aspects were taken into account – technical innovation, market performance, application contribution, and industrial endorsement, to select top-tier construction machineries in terms of innovation and R&D.

Hunan's construction machinery manufacturers have performed strongly in technical innovation and production, and taken the lead in the industry. Sany Group has 12 products shortlisted this time, ranking first in the industry. Zoomlion has 6 products on the list, including two winners of the highest gold award in the aspects of technical innovation and market performance. SUNWARD obtained one gold award in technical innovation and one jury award.

The SCC98000TM crawler crane, developed by the Sany Group, set the world's largest tonnage crane record. The Zoomlion's W12000-450 tower crane, which was customized for the Changzhou-Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge and with hundreds of core technologies, was the first top-slewing tower crane exceeding 10,000 tonne-meters in the world. The SUNWARD's SWDM1280 rotary drilling rig is an important tool for large-scale pile foundation construction, with its main technical parameters reaching the highest level in the world.

Under the background of carbon emission reduction around the world, the electrification trend in the construction machinery industry has been highlighted. A "New Energy Gold Award" was set up for the first time. Among the five winner products of this award, two were developed by the Sany Group including the world's first licensable electric truck crane.