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“Return of Hunan Businessmen” work conference held

Updated:2022-04-22 16:45:24

The Hunan Department of Commerce and the Hunan Association of Industry and Commerce held a conference on boosting the “Return of Hunan Businessmen” work. The conference unveiled that, in the first quarter this year, more than 130 enterprises were newly registered by returned Hunan businessmen, with more than 90 billion CNY been in place.

The “Return of Hunan Businessmen” is a part of the “Three Major Supports and Eight Key Points” work of Hunan Province this year. The Hunan Association of Industry and Commerce collaborated with related departments, such as the Hunan Department of Commerce, to host the Chinese Top 500 Private Enterprises Summit and give full play to the leading role of Hunan businessmen worldwide and their associations. The “circle of friends” of Hunan businessmen has been expanded.

The Hunan Association of Industry and Commerce has innovated the investment attraction modes, and improved the mechanism of “attracting Hunan businessmen to return to develop hometown”. It established a Global Hunan Entrepreneurs Alliance Youth Committee, and an investment attraction and cooperation center in the Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Greater Bay Area, to reinforce Hunan investors’ confidence in investing in their hometowns.

Beyond that, it will establish a mechanism of routine communication with the Hunan Department of Commerce, to jointly promote the return of Hunan businessmen.

“We will try to better serve returned Hunan businessmen to facilitate their return, stay and development,” said a person in charge of the association. Work will be done to implement the decisions and deployment of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the Hunan Provincial People’s Government with high quality and in an efficient way, strengthen cooperation, and constantly boost construction of the commercial chambers around the world. Better services and optimized business environment will be great attractions to the Hunan businessmen around the world, and guide and serve the returned ones to invest and start up business in Hunan.