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2022 Hunan spring rural cultural tourism festival to be held in May

Updated:2022-04-28 17:25:16

The 2022 Hunan Spring Rural Cultural Tourism Festival will take place on May 10 in Goulan Yao Village Scenic Area, Jiangyong County, Yongzhou City, according to a press conference held on April 26.

The theme of the festival will be "Picturesque Yongzhou, Meeting in Jiangyong".

A series of "1+8" activities will be held, including the opening ceremony, Yongzhou cultural tourism products and food exhibition, Yongzhou cultural tourism image ambassador selection, a live-action performance of Tan Dun's "Nvshu" symphony and the unveiling ceremony of "Tan Dun-Nvshu Music Theme Pavilion", a large-scale live-action Nvshu epic drama performance, tours to experience women culture, cultural tourism network promotion and communication competition, expedition tours in Yongzhou, China Mountain Outdoor Leisure Conference - Jiangyong Station Launching Ceremony.

Jiangyong has a profound cultural heritage and rich and unique resources. In recent years, it has built cultural tourism scenic spots such as Goulan Yao Village and Nvshu Ecological Museum, developed featured tourism products, and launched Jiangyong women culture-themed travel route. These help promote the high-quality development of cultural tourism in the county.

This year's festival is co-sponsored by the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the Yongzhou Municipal People's Government, and undertaken by the Yongzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio, Television and Sports, the CPC Jiangyong County Committee, and the Jiangyong County People's Government.