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Latest demographics of Hunan unveiled

Updated:2022-04-29 10:58:19

The Hunan Statistics Bureau unveiled the latest demographics of the province on April 24. As of the end of 2021, Hunan Province had a permanent resident population of 66.22 million, 233,900 fewer than the figure in 2020, marking a 0.35% decrease year on year.

Of the permanent residents, 33.92 million were males, taking up 51.22%; and, 32.3 million were females, 48.78% of the total.

Steady progress has been made in promoting urbanization. The population living in urban areas around the province reached 39.54 million. The urbanization rate hit 59.71%, 0.95 percentage points higher than the figure at the end of the previous year.

Population aging has further deepened. The people aged 65 or above amounted to 10.24 million, accounting for 15.46% of the total which was 0.65 percentage points higher than that in 2020.

In 2021, 473,000 babies were born in Hunan Province, with a birthrate of 7.13‰. A total of 549,300 people died, with a mortality rate of 8.28‰. The natural growth rate of population was -1.15‰.