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2022 Hunan science and technology week to be launched on May 21

Updated:2022-08-01 09:39:26

The 2022 Hunan Science and Technology Week, an event aiming to popularize science, will be held from May 21 to May 28, according to the Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department recently.

The theme of the week is "walking together into science and technology". During the week, activities will focus on publicizing sci-tech-related laws and regulations, displaying sci-tech innovation achievements, promoting sci-tech safety education, and showcasing the ways science and technology benefit the people.

The event is hosted by the Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Publicity Department of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, the Hunan Association for Science and Technology, and the Hunan Provincial Education Department.

An array of activities will be held, including the launching ceremony; the 2022 Hunan Science Night; sci-tech popularization events in communities, villages, enterprises, and schools; the 2022 Hunan Science Knowledge Explanation Contest; the 2022 Hunan Scientific Experiments Contest; and opening of sci-tech innovation bases and science education venues. All sci-tech innovation bases, science education venues, scientific research institutes, and universities’ scientific research centers across the province will open to the public during the week.