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1.37 Mln passenger trips seen during May Day holiday in Hunan

Updated:2022-08-01 09:39:35

A total of 1.37 million passenger trips had been made in Hunan Province during the past May Day holiday, according to the China Railway Guangzhou Group. Among these, 850,000 trips were made via high-speed railway.

The peak day was on April 30, with the highest daily passenger count reaching 1.334 million trips. The Changsha Railway Station and the Changsha South Railway Station respectively handled 55,000 and 99,000 passenger trips, which were slightly more than the routine figures. Most of the passengers were for travelling, visiting relatives, and going home, while most of the trips were made from large- and medium-size cities towards surrounding areas. Trips within the province and short-distance travels were the majority.

Return trips peaked on the last day of the holiday. In order to cope with the return-trip rush, the China Railway Guangdong Group additionally arranged 196 high-speed and 12 normal-speed trains to serve the passenger trips towards Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Changsha. Short-distance and one-way trips were the majority on that day.

During the holiday, the group carried out strict epidemic prevention and control measures, including increasing frequency of cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation at passenger service venues. In addition, non-contact infrared thermometers were used to measure the temperatures of all passengers.