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Hunan to build over 3,000 heliports

Updated:2022-05-10 14:41:49

On the afternoon of May 7, the Information Office of the Hunan Provincial People's Government held a press conference to announce the latest progress of Hunan's pilot work in holistic low-altitude airspace management and reform. By 2035, Hunan will build a "1+13+N" general aviation airport network to achieve the goal that every county has access to general aviation airports and every township has access to temporary heliports.

A general aviation airport is the foundation for the development of the general aviation industry and an important guarantee for the taking-off and landing of general aircrafts.

The Plan for General Aviation Airport Network of Hunan Province (2021-2035) was formulated and issued. It specified that a “1+13+N” general aviation airport network would be built. "1" refers to a province-wide general aviation airport hub in Changsha. “13” refers to the building of central general aviation airports in 12 cities and one prefecture. "N" refers to other general aviation airports and heliports.

During the 14th Five-year Plan period, Hunan Province plans to build 54 general aviation airports at A2 level or above in counties, cities or districts, where the local government has high motivation, the general aviation industry is well developed, the needs of air transport are strong, and other modes of transport are insufficient.

Between 2026 and 2035, the province will continue to promote the construction of 57 general aviation airports at A2 level or above.

More than 3,000 heliports will be built in townships, scenic areas at 3A level or above, hospitals at county level or above, and expressway service areas.