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Hunan launches 2022 vocational education week

Updated:2022-05-10 14:39:44

The 2022 Vocational Education Week of Hunan Province kicked off on May 8, with a theme of "Better Technique, Better Life". The vocational colleges will launch various activities to showcase Hunan's reform and development outcomes in vocational education.

The event is hosted by Hunan's authorities in education, publicity, human resources and social security, industry and information technology, agriculture and rural affairs, and state-owned assets supervision and administration, as well as provincial federation of trade unions, committee of Communist Youth League, and the national association of vocational education.

This is the first session of the Vocational Education Week event, after the revised Vocational Education Law took effect. According to the law, the second week of every May is designated as the Vocational Education Week. Publicity of the vocational education guidelines, policies, and related laws and regulations would be highlighted in the event.

In recent years, Hunan has made notable progress in vocational education reform and development. For example, Hunan was designated as one of the seven national pilots in the ministry-province collaborative campaign to build vocational education reform and development hubs. Hunan has carried out a "Chuyi action plan" of vocational education, to construct three Chuyi high-level undergraduate colleges for vocational education, 10 Chuyi high-level higher vocational colleges, and 10 outstanding secondary vocational schools. During the 14th Five-year Plan period (2021-2025), Hunan will give priority to developing about 30 high-level vocational colleges, 150 high-standard clusters of higher vocational programs, 60 high-quality secondary vocational schools, and 200 high-standard secondary vocational programs.

During the event, themed education activities will be held based on modern information technologies, such as "cloud vocational education week", "online campus tour", and "online open day". Students, parents, and people from all walks of life will be able to better understand the role of technique in improving life, and the vocational education achievements and vocational college development. It will help increase the influence and attraction of vocational education from multiple perspectives, and create a good environment for a sound and rapid development of vocational education.